MonotaRO's Mission & Principles

MonotaRO’s Mission

To Innovate Business Procurement Network
“Indirect materials are diverse, the distribution system is complex, and it takes a lot of time and effort to procure them. Quotations and negotiations are necessary, and it is quite difficult to procure materials in a timely manner at a fair price. It takes time to find the right ones.” These are “the existing but unmet needs of society," and we have been working to solve these since our founding.

The base of our business is the fact that customers' businesses are diverse and indirect materials used at customers’ working places are also diverse. This is the reason why only a limited number of distributors are able to handle the wide variety of indirect materials that meet customers' needs. From product procurement to delivery and customer contacts, we will transform the distribution structure of indirect materials with the power of technology and operations based upon the Internet, solve the problems that customers are facing, and earn customers’ trust.

One of the major indicators of social growth is GDP, which is determined by multiplying the working-age population by per capita productivity of the working-age population. The more countries develop, the more productivity becomes important as a factor for society growth. By eliminating the hassle of customers in procuring materials, we contribute to creating resources for our customers to work on their core business and to improve productivity. By innovating the business procurement network, we bring about the transformation of our customers themselves, and through the chain of transformation and value provision, we aim to contribute to development of the entire industrial society.


1 Respect for others

Treat people with respect.
By treating people inside and outside the company with respect, we believe that each person’s background, thoughts, and interests will be integrated into positive energy. Respect for the other party, in addition, will be return as respect for oneself and it will become a foundation for accepting diversity and creating trust and vitality in the workplace. We therefore place the highest priority on treating people around us with respect.
Accept mistakes of one’s own and others’.
We cannot move forward without failure. Therefore, fearing failure, repairing failure, and blaming others for failure are nothing but wasting time. We accept mistakes, learn from them, and work together for the next challenge.

2. Listening

Listen to voices around.
We will put “to innovate business procurement network” as MonotaRO’s mission and put the mission into practice. However, the needs of society change every moment, and the content of the services we realize should also change. We have a broad perspective and listen to the voices around us to evolve our services.
Capture changes of environment, technology, and customers.
What, for example, seemed difficult in the past will possibly become achievable in general as new technologies appear, and hence the level demanded by our customers will then become higher. We believe that our ability to focus on and accurately capture the environment in which we are placed, technological trends, and changes in our customers, and we thereby lead ourselves to growth.

3. Ownership

Challenge the status quo and seek improvement.
By "continuing to do something because ‘ I’ve been doing it," we can’t expect any progress and the growth of the organization will face difficulties. We believe that in order for us to continue to be a company needed by society, it is essential for each and every one of us to think and execute in "better ways" without being obsessed with the current situation.
Share own ideas and autonomously act to realize the ideas.
By just sharing your “ideas” with people around, and you would think you were improving the situation, but nothing really changes. We will evolve ourselves by practicing the cycle of communicating thoughts and involving the surroundings, implementing the thoughts, correcting what goes wrong, and then putting them into practice.

4. Time as resource

Appreciate time of customers, of other stakeholders, and of ourselves.
We will continue to make corporate efforts so that our customers can save time and spend their limited time on their core business. We also recognize that each of us has a finite amount of time and so do our colleagues and business partners, and we strive to achieve the most fruitful results without wasting the finite amount of time.
Start with speed by assessing risks with an appropriate sense of urgency.
Many challenges can come with failures, but fresh start is possible. It would be a perfect case of mistaking the cause for the end if we spent much time planning because we feared failures and didn’t take actions. We think achievements can be attained by assessing risks and taking actions quickly without spending too much time on planning.

5. Goal and Processes

Perform with understanding of the goal and overall business processes.
We understand the positioning of individual operations in the overall business process and carry out the operations by connecting the purpose of each individual operation with the purpose of the entire company. Beyond that, we abolish the tasks that we don't need any longer and focus on improving the tasks that we should concentrate on.
Derive significant results through conducting small hypothesis tests.
We catch the facts and act based upon the facts. Therefore, we basically try small-scale measures based upon the needs of customers and decide on full-scale introduction of the measures on results of tries. Even if each individual hypothesis test is small, we will strive to achieve big results.

6. MonotaRO Spirit

Find creative solution without compromising budget and resources.
Costs and availability of resources can never be the reasons why we stop evolving ourselves. We understand that there always are limits on costs and resources we can afford, and the scarcity of them is just a degree in difference. We overcome those constraints and solve the problems.
Comply with laws, social norms, and ethics.
We are aware that we are members of society and understand that in order for society to grow, appropriate laws and norms are required. We deeply understand the laws and norms of the society to which we belong, seek ethical correctness, and continue to be good corporate citizens.