Investor FAQs

When was MonotaRO established?
In October 2000. For details, please see the “History“ page.
Please tell about your company.
Please see “Company Profile” page.
Please tell about your main business.
We mainly sell indirect materials for factories mainly to the small and mid-sized manufacturing customers in Japan by mail order using e-commerce (distribution based on the Internet).
Please tell your action for Corporate Governance.
For details, please see the “Corporate Governance“ page.
When is the settlement day?
It's December 31st every year. Results are disclosed quarterly.
Please tell the accounting standards.
MonotaRO Group has adopted Japanese standards in consideration of the period comparability of consolidated financial statements and the comparability between companies. Regarding the adoption of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), we will take appropriate actions based upon domestic and overseas situations.
I would like to see the latest performance trends.
Please see “Financial Highlights” page.
What are the risks that affect business performance?
Please see “Risk Factors” page.
I would like to transitions in major management indicators.
Please see “Management Indicator” page.
I would like to see IR-related materials such as Quarterly Reports.
The materials are posted on “IR Library” .
How many shares are in a trading unit?
Please tell when the stock was listed and the stock market the share is listed.
It is December 6, 2006. The market was changed from Mothers to TSE First Section on December 18, 2009.
Please tell the securities code. Also, I would like to know basic information about stocks.
The security code is 3064. For more information, please see “Stock Information” page.
When is the general meeting of shareholders?
Please see “Shareholders’ Meeting” page. Also, please see “IR Calendar” page for the schedule.
Can I exercise voting rights on the Internet?
Yes, you can. Please see the notice of general shareholders’ meeting.
I would like to know the distribution of stocks.
Please see “State of Stockholders” page.
Please tell us about shareholder returns such as dividends.
Please see “Distribution of Profits” page.